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5 Tile Trends for 2020

It’s an annual event when Emser Tile and KB Home team up to invite you into the world of tile. A new decade brings new design trends, so in celebration of National Tile Day on February 23rd, we are delighted to present the top five tile trends for 2020.

1. Patterned Statement Tiles

kb home emser tile trends for 2020
Design by Emser Tile

This trend is all about creating a show-stopping, unique look. From florals to geometrics, it won’t be hard to find an eclectic pattern that fits your style. Fortunately, the printed design on the tile isn’t the only way to spice up your space — the cut of the tile and arrangement of installation allows you to express your own personal style to create that one-of-a-kind look.

2. Textured Tiles

kb home emser tile trends for 2020
Nuovo by Emser Tile

It’s not only about how your tile looks, but how it feels. Whether it’s a soft-to-the-touch tile that’s perfect for flooring, or 3-dimensional tile that jumps off the wall, textured tile is on the rise in 2020. There’s a different kind of experience that’s inspired by all kinds of unique materials – stone, glass, metal and ceramic.

3. Naturally Inspired Tiles

kb home emser tile trends for 2020
Yakedo and Sterlina by Emser Tile

This category incorporates two trends in one — wood and stone. The benefit of a wood-inspired tile is the ability to have the durability of porcelain and the natural design of wood. Using HD technology it’s possible to artfully recreate the earthy tones and grains found in real wood. When it comes to stone, there is so much to enjoy — strength, luxury and natural beauty. Indoors or out, you cannot go wrong with the natural veining and layered textures of stone.

4. Large Format Tiles

kb home emser tile trends for 2020
Network by Emser Tile

Small tiles will be taking a backseat this year, as large format tiles take the lead. This popular trend will be seen throughout residential and commercial designs in 2020. Why is this a beloved style? It’s the minimalistic seamlines that make them a favored choice for modern designs.

5. Colored Tiles

kb home emser tile trends for 2020
Colori by Emser Tile

Blue is already proving its acclaimed status in 2020 with the Pantone Color-of-the-Year, Classic Blue and Sherwin Williams’ Color-of-the-Year, Naval. Blue is also making its mark in the tile world this year, and you’ll have countless tile options to add calming blue tones into your living space.

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