5 Crafty Summer Vacation Projects for Your Kids

Summer vacation is in full swing and the kids are home all day. What to do on those long summer days? How about turning all that energy into art projects?

All you need is some ingenuity, crafts, and a desire to keep the kids entertained. To help you out, we came up with 5 innovative ways to help your family create precious memorable moments out of summer vacation:

Create a Chalkboard Wall

Your parents may have not let you do it, but you can break the mold by creating a wall of expression using blackboard paint. We suggest choosing an unused kitchen wall, a loft or flex space as a canvas. Our partner Sherwin Williams has some great tips for chalkboard or whiteboard walls.

 Be sure to take photos of your kid’s creations, then at the end of the summer, print them out and have the kids take it to their first day of school. We love this idea because when your kids are older or are out of the house, you can still use these walls to write fun and inspiring quotes, or make lists, or even as a way to express yourself!

Say it with Masks!

A great way to bond with your children is to give them an outlet to express themselves – whether with language or art! In fact, studies say that crafts can help children develop more emotional intelligence. A great way to do this is to let kids craft their own masks! Whether it’s a superhero, an animal or a fictional character of their fancy, get your kids to bring out and ‘wear’ their personality. We’ve got a bunch of mask DIY ideas to get you started.

DIY by OhEverythingHandmade


  • Set up a mask creation center on a large table (indoors or out). Be sure to set down a table cloth (or old newspapers) on the table and underneath to minimize mess.
  • Make sure to provide colored construction paper, kid-friendly scissors, strings, glue sticks, glitter, ribbons, plastic jewels and googly eyes are all great mask decorations.
  • Start constructing! These expressive and fun masks will delight your little tykes while allowing them to tell you how they really feel. For some inspiration to get you going, check out our Pinterest board.

It’s a Birthday ‘Art-y’!

KB Home summer crafts and for the whole family
DIY and photo by Moms and Munchins

When it’s time for a birthday party for one of the kids or their friends, instead of opting for buying cake, think cupcakes! Kids love cupcakes, especially when it comes to the decoration. One popular idea for a cupcake decorating party DIY is shown in the photo above.



  • Give your tiny pastry artists the option of either chocolate, vanilla or lemon flavored cupcakes and let the frosting fly.
  • Provide food coloring, different flavored frostings, a topping station, and decorations like sprinkles, nuts, crumbled cookies and fresh fruits.
  • Be sure to set all these up on multiple surfaces to ensure all materials are accessible. Then, create, eat and enjoy!

Cul-de-Sac Street Fair

Who doesn’t love street fairs? Since the temperature is right, it’s a great time to get out in the backyard and help your kids show off their creations.

 Here’s how you could do it:

  • Get organized with the rest of the parents in the neighborhood. Choose a location for the kid fair; either a large yard, a cul-de-sac, or a neighborhood clubhouse (be sure to check with your local HOA) are great spots.
  • Have each parent provide a folding table that will showcase their little innovators talents. Make colorful signs with poster board that will help advertise your kids’ wares from friendship bracelets, to tote bags decorated with stencils and puffy paints, to homemade cookies.


  • Not only will this activity bring the whole neighborhood together to support pre-tween creativity but it will teach your kids some useful skills that will benefit them later in life.

Camp Creativity

For kids who are a bit too young for the camp experience, you can create the experience of camp from your own home. Set up tents or teepees (our personal favorite) inside or out. Task your little campers with writing original stories or composing songs all to be shared around the campfire with some ooey-gooey s’mores. Kids will remember and treasure these moments for a lifetime!

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We hope that these ideas sparked your inner creativity and inspired you to use your home as a blank canvas for your kids to express themselves. We’d love to see what you come up with! If you’d like to share your own creative projects with us, tag us @kbhome on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for a chance to get featured on our page. Happy crafting!

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