KB Home's Tips to Keep your Family Cool During the Summer, Try a brand new home with KB Home

4 Cool Tips to Help Your Family Beat the Heat

You might be preparing for the back to school madness already, but that crisp cool weather feels far, far away.

In a KB home, your family is able to stay cool and comfortable on hot summer days. Thanks to eDifference technology like the Côr smart thermostat by Carrier, you can control your central AC from your smartphone. You can even set temperature schedules that save you serious cash on your energy bills. For families wanting to beat the sweltering summer heat in other ways, it’s sometimes necessary to get creative to keep your cool. That’s why we’ve created a guide with 4 tips to help every family member beat the heat.

1. To the pool!

KB Home Jacksonville, Treaty Oaks, New Home Community, Pool and Clubhouse Amenities
Treaty Oaks KB Home Community Pool, Jacksonville, FL

Many KB Home communities offer a community pool. The whole family can enjoy a nice refreshing dip and get a chance to catch-up with their neighbors around the deckchairs. While the kids are busy playing “Marco Polo,” mom and dad can catch-up on their summer reading, work on those tan lines, or get a chance to sneak in some relaxation time in the spa. Teens can hang by the pool with their friends, and depending on the community, sneak off for a furious game of ping pong in the recreation center.

2. Fanning the Fun

Japanese Paper Fan DIY by Jonathan Fong, stay cool this summer with a beautiful fan DIY
Japanese Paper Fan DIY and photo by Jonathan Fong

Cool off old school with a paper fan. These portable cooling devices are a terrific way to avoid getting overheated, especially for older members of the household who struggle on extra hot days. Get your little ones involved for a KB homemade project to create a beautiful, functional handmade fan. Here’s what you need:

  • Plain paper fans (you can purchase these at any craft store or online retailer)
  • Paint Brushes (make sure to get a fine-point brush if you’d like to add some detail)
  • Puffy Paint for the little ones, and India Ink or Watercolors for older kids and adults
  • Glitter, beads, gems or any decorative material that could add a sparkle to your handmade fan!

Set your fan station up on a kitchen island or outdoors on a picnic table. Be sure to protect with a plastic tablecloth, and start decorating your fans with any designs that strike your fancy. Allow the fans to dry, and then fan to your heart’s content. This fun craft project is a wonderful way to keep younger kids busy, while grandma and grandpa will treasure their homemade fans from this summer to the next.

3. Things that go Popsicle

Keep cool this summer, snow cone DIY from KB Home by Design Dazzle
Snow Cone DIY and Photo by Toni, Design Dazzle

One of the best (and most delicious) ways to beat the heat during the summer is with an icy cold treat. Sure, you could go running after the ice cream man, but it’s way too hot to run – wouldn’t it be more fun to create your own ice-cold snow cones from the comfort of your own kitchen? There’s something that your whole family can enjoy. Feel free to make your frosty delights a little more adult with a splash of your favorite spirit for mom and dad.

Here’s what you need:

  • A bag of ice
  • A blender
  • Juice or fruit flavored syrups
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Shave your ice in a blender. Scoop shaved ice into bowl. Add syrup, juice – some variety of alcoholic beverage for grown-ups could work, too. Once the ice is soaks up the syrup or juice, top with frozen fruit, et voila! Enjoy.

4.  The Perfect Porch

KB Home Montevello Community, Sacramento CA, new home community, beautiful landscaped backyard
KB Home Montevello Community, Sacramento, CA

Grandma, grandpa and your furriest family members tend to have the toughest time during the summer heat waves. Staying cool in the shade is a must for more senior members of your family. Covered porches with built-in fans are a fantastic way to keep family members cool and UV ray-free. Another way to keep older family members cool is by creating a breeze with bi-fold sliding doors. Not only does this give your home a seamless indoor/outdoor flow but it allows Granny to enjoy the outdoor fun without ever leaving the family room.

When you purchase a KB home, you’re purchasing a home that is outfitted with the latest energy-efficient technology that will not only help you to stay cool through the summer months but will save you money all year long. To discover more summer hacks cool check out the fun activities in these communities:

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Want to help your furry friends beat the heat? We have some tail-wagging tips for them, too!