15 Holiday Weekend Staycation Ideas

Traveling on a holiday weekend can be a nightmare – with heavy traffic, airport lines, high prices for lodging and increased expenses at tourist destinations once you get there. If you’re looking to skip the holiday weekend hassle and expense, but still do something to get away from it all, a holiday weekend staycation in your KB Home Community might be just the thing.

Especially if you live in a part of the country that is already experiencing higher temperatures like our friends living in our Phoenix, Arizona communities. Your options just doubled!

There are loads of benefits to staycationing. There is, of course, doing away with the stress of packing the entire family and spending hours traveling to your destination. There’s the beauty of sleeping comfortably in your own bed. If one of the kids gets sick, you avoid the drama of dealing with an illness on the road. There’s no need to board the dog… And of course, a family can save thousands of dollars on hotel and travel costs – a savings that will allow you to make a few splurges and spend a little extra on special family activities in your own neighborhood.

The number one key to a successful staycation is to make it special – something more than another ordinary weekend at home. A supposedly fun staycation can quickly turn into another weekend full of chores, errands, laundry, TV-watching and technology. The key is to make sure you’re not just doing the same old things, rather, enjoying activities with friends and family that you wouldn’t normally set aside time to do. With a little discipline and planning, you can break out of your rut and have a truly memorable holiday weekend at home.

If you live in a KB community, there are dozens of ways to capitalize on the offerings of your community. A holiday weekend is the perfect time to take advantage of everything your neighborhood has to offer – without having to get in your car!

Once you’re sold on the idea of a staycation, how can you get the most out of your weekend at home? First, do some planning. Gather your family together to brainstorm ideas for the weekend. Make sure you hear from everyone, and let all family members have a say in the activities you plan – perhaps even letting each person (even the little ones) choose one activity. Use this time to set expectations for what the weekend will NOT be. If you’d like to get away from phones, TV watching, and housework, this is the time to set some ground rules.

Prepare for your staycation much as if you were traveling – get the laundry and grocery shopping done and splurge on a house cleaner so you won’t be tempted to do chores. Treat yourself to some fresh flowers to make your home feel special. Plan on taking lots of photos throughout the weekend and making an album at the end.

Need some ideas to help guide your planning? Here are 15 ideas to get you going!

1. Throw a party

Whether it’s a barbecue served up in your poolside kitchen, or hosting a wine tasting around your kitchen island, grab friends and family who are in town, put together a winter spread and celebrate. Don’t feel like having company in your home? If your KB Home community offers a community event or rec space, look into reserving space and gathering friends in your home away from home.


2. Build a fort

If you have little ones, they’ll experience no greater joy than your helping them build the fort of their dreams with sheets, blankets and pillows. Once the fort is built, join them inside for story time by flashlight and chocolate milk out of sippy cups.

3. Take the kids to the splash pad

If the weather is warm and you’re lucky enough to live in a KB community with a splash pad, grab the kids and head out for some fun in the sun. They’ll no doubt see some neighborhood friends and have a great time meeting new ones.


4. Bake

Extended weekends are a great time to get your children involved in a baking project that fills your home with good smells and makes your kitchen warm and cozy. When you’re done baking, share your fresh-baked goodies with a neighbor or two.

5. Try a new recipe

You know all those cookbooks on the shelf gathering dust? Set some time aside to browse recipes and cook something new. Get the whole family involved with meal planning and let the kids take ownership of various parts of the meal. Set the table with your best china and linens and sit down to a beautiful dinner.

6. Light the fire pit

Invite some friends, bundle up, and head outdoors for some time around the fire. Roast marshmallows, make s’mores, tell ghost stories, and turn it into a campfire-like event.


7. Have a candle night

Set aside a night where you go old-school by turning off all the lights. Use candles and lanterns and gather around the fireplace to tell stories, sing songs, and do other technology-free activities. Children especially are intrigued by the concept of “no electricity” and are fascinated by stories of the old days.

8. Family movie at home

Select a movie that the whole family will enjoy. Have a designated start time, and sit down and watch it together, with popcorn, treats, and sleeping bags on the floor.


9. Escape with a bubble bath

If you’re living in a KB home with a grand master bath, take advantage of it! Plan on having some “me” time at some point during the weekend with a hot bubble bath. Don’t hold back – treat yourself to new bath salts, candles, and soft music. Make sure the family knows not to disturb you!


10. Game night

Time to bust out a board game you’ve never tried or to teach your family members a card game you’ve never played together. Do it up with snacks, teams, and cheers!


11. Try a new jigsaw puzzle

There’s nothing like sitting down and spending time working together on a new jigsaw puzzle. It’s therapeutic, relaxing, and good for the brain.

12. Host your own sporting event

If you live in a KB neighborhood with a sports field, host a neighborhood soccer, football, or capture-the-flag game complete with team jerseys and face paint. Don’t forget the big orange Gatorade container…


13. Play golf

Whether your family is into golf or has never tried swinging a club, this could be the time to get everyone on the links together having fun. If you live in a KB community with a putting green, make sure to get in your practice puts before hitting the golf course!

Once you’ve got your practice in, you could venture to a local golf course. A few communities are lucky enough to be near golf courses, such as Villas at Sycamore Farms in Phoenix, Arizona.


14. Go for a hike

Depending on the weather, a holiday weekend hike can be beautiful and invigorating. Many KB communities have great hiking trails – no need to drive anywhere to enjoy time in the great outdoors. A great example is The Ridge at Trailside Point community – right outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Located near South Mountain Park which boasts more than 51 miles of trails for horseback riding, hiking, and mountain biking, it is an ideal spot for some refreshing activities!


15. Ride the skate park

Live in a KB community with a skate park? Grab the youngsters and let them show you their best tricks – and bust out a few of your own.


Whatever activities you choose to do during your holiday weekend staycation, remember to plan, be prepared, and NOT do chores, errands, and regular weekend stuff. Make it special and memorable and enjoy the peace of staying home on a big holiday weekend. Don’t forget to take advantage of the many amenities your KB community offers!

From staycations to décor – Sarah P. has you covered! Check out more of her House to Home blogs for inspiration and ideas.