12 Ways to Prep Your Home for Summer Vacation

It’s that time of the year already: when students are wrapping up the school year, when the days are getting progressively longer and when adults wish they could become kids again! Aaaah, Summer!

Summer is “officially” upon us and with that comes big travel plans. And with vacation, comes the arduous task of prepping your home for your and your family’s absence. Here’s this handy list that could help you stay organized (and sane) as you plan to leave home, whether it’s for a couple of days, or a week or two.


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Make your Home Look ‘Lived-in’

  • Put a hold on mail delivery. Nothing shrieks “empty house” louder than an overflowing mailbox. Contact your local post office, in-person or online, to put a temporary hold on mail delivery.
  • Leave a car parked in your driveway so it looks like someone is in the house.
  • Advertise your security system. Place stickers or signs in plain sight to deter would-be thieves.
  • Don’t close all your blinds or curtains but DO make sure all your doors and windows are locked.
  • Be a good neighbor. Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your home while you’re away, and return the favor when they’re out of town.
  • Ask a friend or relative to housesit.

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Leverage Smart Tech Solutions for your Home

  • Install timers on your lamps to mimic your daily routine (this can also be achieved with high tech options like smart lighting).
  • Disable your automatic garage door opener.
  • Keep tabs on your neighborhood while you’re away with Nextdoor, a private social network that brings together neighbors. Remember to always use caution with social media postings when away from home (see more below).
  • Consider smart locks that you can control remotely. Kwikset® offers smart locks and padlocks and even a rekeying feature.

Don’t Announce Plans Online

Or if you insist on documenting and sharing your trip, make sure you take some time to revise your privacy settings so only friends and family that you trust have access to your published content. As opposed to posting globally and publicly, where your posts might get your residence some unwanted attention. Also, it might be fun and rather cute to get your kids involved in the documenting process, where you empower each with a pen and journal so they get to write about their favorite aspects of the trip.


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Safety Starts at Home

Smart homeowners can take simple precautions to keep their homes safe while they’re out and about this summer, and smart home technology can lend a hand in summer safety.