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12 Design Trends for 2019

From modern and minimalist to bold and vibrant, Gena Kirk, Vice President of the KB Home Design Studio, shares with us the top 12 design trends that will be everywhere in 2019.


Simple. Clean. Effortless. These are just a few words that describe the growing trend of modern and minimalist design. Modern and minimalist design focuses on clean, open and light-filled spaces and uses uncomplicated decoration devoid of elaborate detail. Look for this trend being used in a variety of ways, from simple, contemporary floor plans and open concept rooms to clean color hues and details on cabinetry, backsplashes, and tile.

modern and minimalist for kitchen


Long gone are the days of non-lived-in rooms with a cold aesthetic. The emerging trend of lush textures like velvets and faux-furs evokes a sumptuous yet lived-in feel that invites us to sit and stay awhile. Incorporate this trend by playing with these luxurious fabrics in bedding, rugs, throws, and drapery, or a statement furniture piece. Lush textures will create a modern, opulent and comfortable atmosphere in any room of your home.

LUSH TEXTURES for bedrooms


A new design trend popping up calls for spaces and furniture to have multiple purposes and provide both form and function. For instance, modern floor plans now integrate flex space, areas that can be used for utilitarian purposes like cooking or eating while also providing room for entertaining or a den that can also serve as a workspace. This trend can be seen influencing furniture design as well with items like Murphy beds or dining room benches with storage.

FORM & FUNCTION open concept room


From natural materials to energy-efficient features, popular sustainable and eco-conscious design trends are turning homes “green.” Additionally, home design is trending toward the organic and untouched to showcase the beauty of nature. For instance, look for the following trends: natural wood grain cabinetry, bamboo, and natural wood shutters, and untreated raw stone tiling and flooring. Plus, technology is contributing to this design trend with things like solar panels, smart-home devices, and water- and energy-efficient appliances.

ECO-CONSCIOUS & SUSTAINABLE material and design elements


Brightly colored accent walls and elaborate wallpaper are making a comeback. These touches will have any room stand out from the crowd. Look for bold colors like peacock blue, vibrant magenta, sage green and burnt orange to incorporate in your home. Also, wallpaper has been given an upgrade—chic floral designs, complex patterns, and textured paneling wallpaper are coming to the forefront. Vibrant colors and fashionable wallpaper will provide a stylish focal point and conversation starter during all those family gatherings.

bold and beautiful statement walls for wallpaper or paint


Nature is the primary focus of this new design trend. From natural textures to earth tone colors, bringing the outdoors in is about connecting people to their surroundings by including touches of nature throughout their homes. It combines refined elegance with more rustic elements. For example, dramatically contrast wood-textured paneling and flooring with clean, white cabinetry and sleek tile backsplashes in the kitchen or bath. Also, don’t forget to incorporate green houseplants, woven baskets, natural or reclaimed wood furniture, and rustic outdoor statement pieces.

bringing the outdoors in


Adding to the theme of bringing the outdoors in, the color inspiration for 2019 is derived from Mother Nature herself. Trending colors this year, like sage green, burnt orange, and deep ocean blues, is seen not only in paint choices—including Sherwin-Williams® color of the year, Cavern Clay—but also in tiles, flooring, and cabinets. These colors turn any room into a refreshing and unapologetically natural retreat from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

earth tones for decor and design


Open concept floor plans are vital for constructing a free-flowing interior space suited for any activity from entertaining to relaxing. Open floor plans make every inch of space in your home count. They’re not only ideal for establishing one comprehensive space, but also offer additional benefits like more natural light, greater energy efficiency and improved airflow throughout your home.

open concept rooms for open living spaces


No matter if it’s stripes, geometric shapes or leopard print, statement patterns are stealing the limelight as THE popular design trend of 2019. You’ll see statement patterns popping up in every room of the house. In the bath and kitchen, discover bold herringbone or diagonal patterns in the tiles and backsplashes. In the living room, home office or bedroom, find statement patterns incorporated on the walls through striking wallpaper, in flooring with intricate tile designs or through accent pieces like artwork, pillows or drapery. Dare to be bold and create captivating centerpieces and focal points with these statement patterns.

statement patterns for tile and other wall prints


This design trend will have you rocking out to the beauty of all things metallic and shiny. From light fixtures to faucet finishing, metallic hues of gold and sunset bronze are popping up everywhere to complement the popular matte black. These trends can be found even in appliances—replacing stainless steel with either a matte black or gunmetal gray finish turns any kitchen into a chic rock stage.



Retro and industrial lighting styles are back and brightening up the design world. Popular metallic finishes help to create a refined and tailored look. Also, lighting design is bolder, bigger and architecturally ready to take center stage in the living room, kitchen or dining area.

industrial light fixtures


No matter the time of year or season, neutral colors and hues will always remain classic. Look for the neutral design trend to tie into the modern and minimalist trend, providing a balanced and modern feel to any space. Neutrals remain popular in the kitchen and living spaces, with the use of white or beige cabinets, tiles, and backsplashes. In addition, variations of black and gray hues are gaining momentum and popularity, contrasting nicely with starch white hues and creating a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic to your home no matter what decade we are in.

NEUTRAL IS ALWAYS “IN” bedroom with neutral colors and palette