11 Ways to Turn a Flex Room into a Home Office

I finally landed the corner office with a big window. Granted, I work from home. And it’s a corner of a multi-function room. But it’s the best office space I’ve ever had because the design and execution were solely in my hands.

In creating my home office, the first step was to find a dedicated space. If you’re lucky enough to have a flex room (a “flex room” is a flexible space that’s intended for multiple purposes) then you’ve got endless decorating options. The next step was to browse professional designs for inspiration and that’s when I turned to KB Home. Their website offers hundreds of photos of professionally-styled rooms which helped me choose everything from my office furniture to my (color coordinated) pencil holder.

Ready to create your dream office? Whether you work from home or just need a satellite space for after-hours review, you can take direction from these home office designs by the stylists at KB Home.

Thinking Inside the Box

When the goal is to expand your horizons by making any amount of space feel more spacious, here are some creative examples:

1. A modest space goes a long, long way with seascape artwork that expands the depth of the room. This den from Panorama at the Meadows in Castle Rock, CO (near Denver) is plenty big enough for a computer desk and two visitor’s chairs. And just try not to spend all day staring out those windows at the stunning Colorado landscape.


2. Look what a corner desk can do in a flex room. This den is from the Estates at Ponderosa Ridge in Aurora, CO (near Denver). By placing the desk in the corner, you’ve opened up a large swath of prime real estate right in the middle of the room – perfect for a sitting area. The retro camera prints on the wall complement the minimalist decor.


3. A simple space becomes a classic office with warm tones of burgundy and brown. (You’ll even have room for a dry bar.) Find this design at the Trails at Herff Ranch in Boerne, TX (near San Antonio).


4. With a little clever planning, you can fit two desks into this flex room. And who doesn’t want an office buddy? A geographically-educational pillow with a world map is a nice flourish. This floor plan is featured at the Villas at North Park in Broomfield, CO (near Denver).


French Door Retreat

You’ll make a grand entrance every morning when French doors are involved. They’ll also give your space an open and airy vibe. Here are a few examples:

5. French doors provide a dramatic flair to this spacious study. Simple touches, like an antique-look globe on a traditional desk, lend a studious vibe to this seriously efficient space. You can find this floor plan at the Trailside Patio Homes in Thornton, CO (near Denver).


6. Even a modest amount of space can feel generous with big windows and a French door entry. This floor plan is available at Panorama at the Meadows in Castle Rock, CO.


Retro Heaven

With modern technology constantly ping-ping-pinging us for attention, a retro-themed room can be a welcome reminder of a simpler time. Here are a few inspired choices from our KB Home stylists:

7. Creating a retro vibe can be as easy as installing a few key pieces of artwork. A huge clock that echoes an antique watch face and a framed illustration of typewriter keys both play nicely with the streamlined desk and bookshelf. Find this design at Berry Creek in Georgetown, TX (near Austin).


8. If Indiana Jones had a flex room it would look like this study at the Mason Hills-The Lakes Classic community in Austin, TX. The wildlife embellishments add interest and intrigue to this versatile space.


Unconventional Space

If you’re not quite sure what your perfect home office should look like, here are some decidedly unique ideas to spark your imagination:

9. When you’re open to a less-than-private office space, this flex room delivers. Styled at the Creekstone community in Orlando, FL, this partial wall provides just enough structure to separate the office from the great room but still allows you to keep an eye on what’s going on in the rest of the house.


10. Maybe you don’t need a traditional office set-up but you’d still like a quiet space where you can concentrate. This den at the Olive Lane community in Fresno, CA, incorporates a cool blue-green color scheme, from the paneled throw rug to the eclectic wall clock, and places a space-expanding window front and center.

11. This cozy den evokes a rustic cabin with its wood paneling and chunky desk. The gorgeous Colorado skyline through the two large windows further enhances the feel of this back-to-nature retreat. This home can be found at the Siena community in Castle Rock, CO (near Denver).


What does your dream home office look like? Which one of these designs speaks to you? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

For more home office options, please view the KB Home floor plan selections available in a community near you at kbhome.com.


A.J. Bowker is a contributing writer to From House to Home. She has lived on the East Coast, in the Midwest, and is now settled in Southern California. One thing she has learned from living in various parts of the country: home is a state of mind.